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Frequently Asked Questions

Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits is a complex process. At the Law Office of Alise M. Kellman, we know you have many questions about the process, so we have created a list of some frequently asked questions about SSDI.

Questions About The Social Security Disability Insurance Claim Process

How Long Will My Case Take?

Every case is unique. We can't tell you how long it will take. However, we might be able to give you an estimate. We have substantial experience working with these cases, and we provide you with an informed opinion of how long a claim may take.

What If My Claim Is Denied?

This is a common occurrence. Two-thirds of all applications are denied initially. We can review your claim and look for ways to increase your chance of obtaining a favorable decision. We have decades of experience examining claims and preparing appeals. We will help you prepare for your hearing with the administrative law judge and represent you at the hearing.

Do I Have To Go To The Hearing?

Yes. We understand you may be concerned about appearing at a hearing, but we will discuss what takes place at these hearings and help you prepare. During these hearings, an administrative law judge will ask you questions about your claim. We can represent you at these hearings to ensure you understand the process and how these hearings can be helpful for your case. And of course, our attorney, Alise Kellman will be with you at the hearing to ask questions to any experts present and to ask your questions if needed, and to present a summary to the judge when appropriate.

What Can I Do To Expedite My Hearing?

If your disability is on the Compassionate Allowance list, we may be able to expedite your claim. If you are a veteran and you became disabled while on active military service on or after October 1, 2001, we may be able to expedite your claim. If you are receiving VA compensation and are 100% permanent and total, we are able to expedite your claim. There are a few other limited circumstances related to living status and need for medical care that can sometimes result in an expedited claim. But most claims cannot be expedited. If everyone who wanted their claim heard more quickly had their request granted, they would all be back where they started in line waiting for a hearing. The Social Security Administration has a backlog on SSDI claims. We file your requests for reconsideration and hearing timely, to prevent unnecessary delays from being added to your overall claim.

Will You Fill Out All Of My Social Security Forms?

No. You will receive some forms that have questions to which only you know the answers. We can review them once they are completed and before they are submitted to SSA. We work to assure that SSA has all the information they need to make a proper decision on your claim for SSD benefits. Disability claims are very complex and because we have worked with thousands of clients, we know the types of information SSA expects on an application depending on the type of application you filed.

More Questions?

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