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Retirement, Overpayment And Other Types Of Social Security Claims in Southern California

Applying for Social Security benefits is rarely an easy endeavor. There are many types of Social Security claims that go beyond disability, and we can help you with the different types of claims. At the Law Office of Alise M. Kellman, we have more than 35 years of experience helping clients receive the Social Security benefits they need from the government.

We represent clients throughout the county of San Diego, California, with a broad spectrum of SSDI claims and many other related matters.

Handling Other Types Of Social Security Claims in Southern California

We can help you with various types of Social Security claims beyond disability. Our lawyer, Alise Kellman, works hard on every case, and she has the experience to give clients the counsel they need in situations such as:

  • Retirement cases: If you want to retire but are not allowed to collect your retirement benefits because the SSA thinks you have not retired, we can help. We work with clients who are self-employed or who own or manage small family corporations. Many people who have an ownership interest in a business run into similar problems because they keep their own books. You usually cannot collect retirement benefits if you are still receiving money from your business. But if you have stopped working, we can help you prove that you have retired and should be able to collect your benefits.
  • Overpayment cases: If the SSA paid you more than they should have, they will likely demand repayment of the benefits. There are many situations that can cause this, and we can evaluate your case to see if you really owe the money and to see if you must pay it back.
  • Paternity cases: In order for a child to receive Social Security benefits from his or her father, paternity must be proven. If the father is alive, he can sign a form acknowledging the child is his, and a portion of his benefits will go to the child. There are various ways to document paternity, and we can help you through this difficult situation.
  • Widows or survivors cases: We help survivors and widows obtain survivorship benefits. Although there can be problems or complications, we help our clients address concerns such as who was married to the decedent at the time of death, who is really the widow and who is entitled to benefits.
  • SSI non-medical eligibility issues: If you are on Supplemental Security Income and will be getting an inheritance, it is important to work with an attorney to make sure you do not lose your eligibility. Because SSI is a needs-based program, an inheritance can increase your income enough to disqualify you from benefits. We help our clients plan for their inheritance and preserve their eligibility.

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