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Social Security Disability cases are always a challenge. Our attorney at the Law Office of Alise M. Kellman understands this fact. She knows that you are trying to deal with the issues that have led to your inability to work and need assistance with your  disability claim. It is very helpful to have an attorney at the initial and reconsideration levels. It is essential to have an attorney when appearing before the Administrative Law Judge at the hearing level. 

More Than Three Decades Of Experience

Our job is to make the process seem less overwhelming and help you obtain the benefits you need. Our attorney has more than 35 years' experience handling SSDI claims and has worked with thousands of clients in the San Diego region. To read more about our attorney's background experience, follow this link:

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Helping You With The SSDI Process

We know the elements of a successful application for SSDI benefits and how to appeal denials when they occur. We represent clients in a variety of Social Security matters, including:

Navigating The Complexity Of Social Security Disability

Social security is a complex bureaucracy. Our attorney has more than 35 years of experience in working with these laws and the internal procedures of this process. From reviewing your initial application to reconsideration, hearings and appeals, we can help you navigate this complex process.

We work to ensure all your questions are answered and you understand how the process works. It may take time, but we can help see you through to a successful end and the benefits you need.

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